Monday, June 27, 2011

It's ALIVE! The Electrifying Resurrection of "Haunted Times" Magazine

Let's face it, niche magazines just don't get the recognition they deserve. These publications are almost always put together by a group of hobbyists or fans, and are funded by what's leftover after paying rent and tipping the pizza delivery driver. What is never lacking, however, is pure, distilled enthusiasm for the subject matter.

What if you could take that enthusiasm and add some consistent structure, talented columnists, head-turning artwork, an experienced editorial staff, and featured content that would BLOW YOUR MIND? You'd have one hellova magazine, that's what!

If the photo at the right hasn't already clued you in, Haunted Times magazine has recently put together that very same magical combination. I was honored to be offered the position of Senior Editor, and I jumped at the chance without hesitation. More than anything, I look forward to finding lots of fantastic new talent to share with readers every month!

Along with the change in staff at Haunted Times comes something else just as shocking - a change in format. Forget the days of having to hunt down the most recent issue in the racks at Barnes & Noble! Haunted Times magazine is about to rock the world of digital reading by launching fully interactive issues for your mobile devices or online enjoyment.

Look for the rebirth of Haunted Times in August, 2011. I'll keep you updated about what's to come, including subscription information and where you can go to find lots of freebies to get a feel for the new style and structure!


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Isabelle Chauffeton Saavedra said...

I believe Christopher sent you my email with the amazing radio sweep session we had at the Longwood Village Inn in Longwood, FL. Beth, let me know if you have any question about it or if you need more information. With Love and Light. Isabelle Chauffeton Saavedra

Anonymous said...

Wow, Beth. Every time I check this blog, you're up to something amazing. Senior Editor? That's great news. I used to pick up a copy of Haunted Times every now and then at Borders or Barnes & Noble. I know you'll bring some life and credibility back to this magazine. Congratulations!