Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review: Walking Through Walls by Philip Smith

Let me start by sharing that I am not normally a fan of memoirs, but Philip Smith's Walking Through Walls is definitely an exception.

Philip tells the real-life tale of growing up in 1960s Miami with a stereotypically-Jewish mother and a father who is a world-renowned interior designer. Things take a turn for the strange when his father, Lew Smith, delves into the realm of conscious-expanding lifestyle changes and then learns to harness the power of his mind with the help of a mysterious retreat with an enlightened yogi. Sometimes moving, but often comical, the upheaval of the family's everyday life is shown through the eyes of an adolescent son struggling to deal with his "weird" new dad.

The Smith family eventually moves from Miami's society pages to the spirituality news. Lew hones his abilities as a medium and receives very specific instructions from the spirit world about "psychic healing", a technique which is explained to him to be based on the simple grounds of vibrational energy. After much practice in this unusual new direction, Lew develops a huge word-of-mouth following as a "miracle man" able to cure any disease and heal any affliction. Interior design clients have to wade through lines of hopelessly ill visitors who line up each day outside of Smith's studio. Never once does he charge a penny for his services.

If you have not heard of Lew Smith and his psychic clinic before now, I encourage you to learn more about this peculiar dot on the timeline of American history. If you are already familiar with Smith, I encourage you to read his son's account of his spiritual development, healing techniques, and his legacy. The story is an emotional roller-coaster, but the paths of both Lew and Philip that are shared in Walking Through Walls are certainly examples from which everyone on the road to personal enlightenment can learn.

Walking Through Walls by Philip Smith is currently available from Washington Square Press. Here are a few words about the book from the author:

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