Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rising to the "Paranormal Challenge"

Okay, the secret is out... I have the honor of appearing as a judge on the premiere episode of Travel Channel's latest adventure - Paranormal Challenge!

Filming took serious strength and stamina!
The show is hosted by Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures, but it certainly should not be considered merely a spinoff of that hit series. Paranormal Challenge puts two investigative teams to the test by sending them out into reportedly haunted locations and then rating their use of historical knowledge, technology, and teamwork during the investigation. The concept is not a race to find ghosts, but a competition of investigative know-how. Talk about a refreshing twist put on paranormal reality programming!

A typical view in Pennhust State School today.
I traveled to the notorious Pennhurst State School near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to work with an amazing crew and a cast that also included Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio and Jeff Belanger of While my companions were a ton of fun, the location is probably one of the darkest and most sinister that I've ever explored.  A few minutes of reading through the site's history will tell you right away what kind of energy this place still holds.

It was an amazing experience at an even more amazing place! I hope you will all tune in and get a glimpse of what happened inside of those cold and damp walls on Friday, June 17th at 9:00 PM ET/PT, 8:00 PM CT on Travel Channel.

Be sure to check back soon for a few more surprises! I have lots more exciting news to share as soon as I get the green light.


Connie Moreno said...

I am very curious about this show. I hope it is good and not stupidly cheesy!

jasperken said...

I am looking forward to this new show.

Anonymous said...

So looking forward to the show. Zap is a natural host and this will help show case his talents in front of the camera.

Rob Reid said...

Hey Beth! It was great meeting you there on location! You skipped out before I could get a photo op!

Beth Brown said...

Awww, sorry, Rob! They had us booked on a TIGHT schedule and we had to rush to the airport :(

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